Flow classicism webcrims and neo classicism onlinecci classicism .Aliran more leads to the art of building and decorative art, due to the influence of Greek and Roman art style. While neo classicism is a continuation of the flow of classicism with a freer style.
b. Flow romanticism, realism, and Naturalism .Ciri of romanticism painting is showing dramatic scenes. The next stage realism emerged as a reaction to the flow romance illusory. This realist artist requires the creation of works of art in the original. Realist paintings similar to the naturalist, just painting alirannaturalis take more objects of natural beauty. Famous figures of naturalist-realist flow is Leonardo Da Vinci and Rembrandt.
c. Flow impressionism and neo-impressionism impressionist painters .The prefers lighting impression yangdibuat spontaneously and brief. Next comes the style of neo-impressionism in protest against the impressionist style painting lighting is.onlinecci
d. Expressionism, surrealism, and abstraksisme. Expressionism tried to promote the expression of the soul, feelings, danemosi. While the flow of surrealism describe the state of the subconscious and fantsai. Abstract flow has a way of freeing themselves from other forms of figurative (real), and prefer the color composition, line, plane, or other elements.

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